Sabato, Septembro 3 2016

this was not a succes ...

So .. we are more then one year later and this is only the 2th post.

And is not even in Esperanto. On that front things are also not going well. It may be the most easy language but like any language you still need to work on it.

In any case maybe now I have find the login of this blog again I hope I will actually use it. This to report on my Esperanto progress - and because I wish to be able to report about - I will work on it.

For you, my audience of 0.

Until next time,


Dimanĉo, Marto 15 2015

First post!

So, this is my new blog. I write this under the assumption that nobody ever will read this. Is that not a great motivator or not? I am learning Esperanto, at least that is what I am telling myself. You know Esperanto? A language. A constructed language. 'artificial' but that is not a nice way of

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